About Quidu

Where Smart Shopping Begins

Quidu, from the Irish word Cuidiú (to help or support), was set up with the aim of making life a tad bit easier for the people of Ireland. Born out of the simple desire to navigate the often overwhelming world of grocery shopping, we set out on a mission – simplifying the way Irish shoppers compare prices.

Ease, Savings, and Convenience

In a time where every euro counts, our platform is designed to effortlessly compare prices, ensuring you find the best deals on everyday essentials. With prices on the rise due to inflation, we understand the importance of helping you stretch your budget a little further.

Empowering Your Choices

Quidu isn't just about comparisons; it's about empowering your shopping decisions. Our platform doesn't just show prices; it also alerts you to the latest deals that matter most to you, ensuring you never miss a chance to save. Our exclusive newsletter will deliver the latest shopping news, trends, and invaluable insights straight to your inbox, keeping you informed and equipped to make savvy choices.

Insights and Trends, Visualized

As a member, you gain access to more than just prices. Dive into historical data through interactive graphs, enabling you to visualize price changes over time and make well-informed decisions. Additionally, our platform provides engaging infographics illustrating the seasonality of various fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fish, helping you shop fresher and smarter.

A Journey Toward Better Shopping

Quidu is an evolving platform. We're still very young, and looking to improve our offerings to better serve you. Our vision extends beyond today; we're looking ahead to redefine the future of shopping. As we continue to develop our platform, we value your feedback immensely. Your patience and insights play a vital role in shaping our growth and evolution. At the moment, products are updated once a week, but we will increase this over the coming months.

Join us in simplifying the Irish shopping experience. Let's make smart shopping a reality together at Quidu.

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This website is still in Beta testing and problems may arise now and again, let us know by sending us a message, we appreciate all feedback!

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